Movie about school life

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I think most of us hate schools because of the non-stop requirements that keeps us up every night and don’t forget the graded recitation where the teacher will call you one by one to answer their questions. But, with these movies, you might reconsider because they have a way to make things more interesting in their schools.

School-Based Movies
School Of Rock – a group of students who are in the verge of losing their school due to lack of funds decided that they need to use their talent to join a competition and earn money to fund their musical school.

American Pie – fraternities, parties, even secrets occurring to dorms, they got everything here. This movie is all about college and their life away from home as they strive to survive by making it more fun.
High School Musical – a movie filled with catchy songs and dance routines that you will sing every now and then. Join the gang as they try to survive high school while trying to perform on musicals up to the day of their graduation.
Perks Of Being A Wallflower – a type of movie about a guy who is introvert and is fantasizing over a girl who seemed to be out of his league.